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Ron and Robin don't just paint your house, they enhance your most valuable asset.


  • After 40 years in the business (they began trading in 1976) Ron and Robin have a wealth of practical experience


  • Their typical clients – professional couples with children – demand the absolute best, in both quality and reliability


  • That experience and attention to detail makes them the ideal choice for repaint work: they’re repaint specialists


  • Ron and Robin may not be the cheapest painters around (nor the most expensive). 'But they are the best'.


  • Ron and Robin absolutely love what they do: nothing gives them more pleasure than a job well done


  • They get just as much pleasure from establishing great relationships with their clients, and enjoy the consultation process as much as the practical work 


  • They’re dedicated to giving value, and going the extra mile, whether that’s providing advice on lighting, or replacing burnt-out bulbs




  • They’re dedicated to the next generation: Rob and Robin have trained more than 40 apprentices


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